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Brewed in Bushwick

Our beer is 100% brewed & packaged right here in Bushwick. This neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY has been our home since 2016, and we are proud supporters of both our local community as well as the broader NYC & NY State brewing industry. Beer is people. We love our people.

The More the Merrier

From the very beginning, we have focused on producing a wide variety of styles–Lagers, IPAs (both Hazy & West Coast), Fruited Sours, Pale Ales, Old World Classics and more. We also have an ambitious Barrel-Aging program with regular Taproom-only bottle releases. But don’t worry; we try not to take ourselves too seriously. We also love brewing fun, one-off styles and collaborating with artists, musicians, distilleries, farms, restaurants, bars and other breweries from all across the globe.

4 types of beer styles in long stem glasses
penguin in space
tower of beer cans outside of the taproom
pouring hops

Freshness & Flavor

We pride ourselves in our commitment to high-quality, flavorful beer. We work very closely with our farmers and other suppliers to ensure that we are using the very best, hand-selected raw ingredients. Each and every batch of beer that we brew undergoes a rigorous process of quality control and sensory analysis before we release it to the world. In addition, we are OBSESSED with freshness, and we work diligently across all areas of our operation to ensure that the KCBC beer you’re drinking right now meets our high standards. From our production team to our sales staff to our taproom bartenders, we firmly believe that it’s all about the flavor. Life’s too short to drink bad beer.

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