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Carry Our Beer

Within NYC, we self distribute. Outside of NYC, we work with select distributors regularly in NY, NH, CT, PA, MA or NJ. We sometimes work with distributors in other states as well as internationally. If you are looking to carry/distribute our beer, please fill out the Carry Our Beer form below.

Distro Area: NYC
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Sarene Craft
Distro Area: NY (The Bronx, Long Island, Albany), NJ, CT, PA, OH
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TJ Sheehan
Upstate & Western New York
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Distro Area: NH
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Distro Area: SoCal
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Distro Area: FL
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Distro Area: VA & Washington D.C.
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Distro Area: IA
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Distro Area: MD & DE
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AJ Maka
Distro Area: IL
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Interested in Carrying Our Products?

Let us know what’s up! While we can’t send beer everywhere - we are actively looking for more areas with higher levels of interest in KCBC! Drop us a line and let us know where you’re thirsty for some tasty beers.

Lager Boi

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